Polish Public Places Tip 817

Guidance 817 for Public Areas in Poland

Disinfect everything that comes in contact with raw eggs, meat, poultry, or fish including your hands, cutting boards, countertops, faucets, utensils and plates. Before disinfecting, use paper towels to wipe up raw egg and raw meat, fish, or poultry juices, and then discard the towels.

– It is a good idea to use a designated sponge for washing dishes and wiping counters that have come in contact with raw meat or eggs, to avoid cross-contamination.

-Disinfect used sponges and dishcloths daily.

A clean home is a healthy home. Clean and organized makes everyone feel happy, but more importantly, it eliminates the stress that’s caused by a chaotic environment.

Regardless of the why, however, it’s clear that staying clean and organized is a good thing. It helps us feel better about ourselves, it keeps us productive and it may very well keep us physically fit. The next time we bemoan having to clean our home, let’s try to keep these things in mind. We’ll feel much better when everything is organized.


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