We offer special pricing for AirBnB and Short Term Rental properties to keep your mind at ease.

Administrative Services Include:

  • Inspection of property when first entering
  • Documenting damage or missing items (with pictures)
  • Restocking supplies (toiletries and papertowels, etc) if available
  • Notification when supplies like shampoos or lotions run low
  • Custom in-app checklists for every property

Cleaning Services Include:

  • We don’t treat your rental property differently from any other home. Therefore, we offer our standard cleaning services, which can be found HERE at a flat rate depending on the size of your property.
  • Dishes will be cleaned and put away.


$60 One Bedroom (Includes 1 load of laundry)
$90 Two Bedrooms (Includes 2 loads of laundry)
$120 Three Bedrooms (Includes 3 loads of laundry)
$150 Four Bedrooms (Includes 4 loads of laundry)
$180 Five Bedrooms (Includes 4 loads of laundry)

Each additional Load of laundry that must be taken off property is an additional $15.

Have a property outside of our listed parameters? Please contact us HERE.

For corporate customers, which typically includes realtors, property managers, and apartment complexes, we offer special pricing on our Move In/Out services. Please contact us HERE for our corporate partner pricing.