Guard Against Fading

Protect Against Diminishment

You’ve finally saved up enough to purchase the furniture you’ve always dreamed of so you can get rid of the hand-me-downs your family gave you when you moved out. But when you are moving the furniture out of the room, you notice it has become unevenly faded from the sun.


You love the views and sun in your large picture window, and really don’t want to have drapes that will block either of them. But you also don’t want your new furniture to fade.


Fortunately, you have options to block or shade the sun that will still let you keep the view, and options to protect your furniture so it stays just as new looking as the day you bought it.


Protect Against Diminishment List:

– Draw blinds when windows get direct sun to protect furniture, carpeting, and artwork.
– Rearrange furniture and rotate carpets, lamp shades, and artwork every six months to ensure that no one area gets more exposure to light and sun than another.
– Cover windows or skylights that get intense exposure with film ( available from professional installers; check Google under “Windows-Installation”) designed to block ultraviolet light.


There are also spray protectants you can apply to your furniture that will help it to resist fading caused by UV rays. Check with your local furniture upholstery company for what they recommend, and always test your fabric first on a small inconspicuous area.


Finally, adding sheer curtains that will filter the incoming sunlight is also an option for protecting your home’s furniture from fading while still allowing some sunlight to come in and not completely blocking your view.


Follow these tips, and you should have fewer worries about faded furniture while still enjoying the natural sun we all crave in our homes.


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Protect Against Diminishment