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How to Clean a Bathroom Faucet

Frequently, our attractive chrome bathroom faucets suffer tarnishing and are swiftly enveloped in limestone. We should explore the ways to clean them and restore their shine, giving them a fresh look.

Clean a bathroom faucet

  • Sodium bicarbonate

Cleaning a bathroom faucet is very effective with a moistened, microfibre type cloth. Simply tap on your faucet mixer the moistened cloth with a little water. For more efficiency, soak the cloth in a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and hot water. No need to rinse, the tap is all clean instantly! Finish the operation with a soft cloth on the faucet to prevent water traces.

  • Alcohol to be burned

If your faucet is particularly dirty, you can use alcohol to burn. This method is very effective against encrusted tasks. Soak a boiler with alcohol, then run it over the appropriate areas of your faucet.

Shine a bathroom faucet

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  • Oil

To make your bathroom faucets shine, direct the kitchen! A single drop of oil is enough to give your faucet a new glow. Apply it on a cloth before passing it wherever you want it to shine! A simple, natural and accessible method.

  • Vaseline

Vaseline, the ultimate body, is also very effective to make your bathroom taps shine. Apply it in small quantities to your faucet, then rub with a cloth to distribute it over the entire surface of the faucet.

Remove limestone from a bathroom faucet

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  • Ammonia

For a very effective solution, ammonia is recommended. It is enough to soak a brush before rubbing the limestone in an energetic way. For example, choose a used toothbrush. Think of airing the room at the same time. It is indeed not very good to breathe ammonia!

  • Citric acid

If ammonia is not too much your cup of tea, opt for citric acid. Consider protecting your hands with gloves (such as latex). This will prevent you from burning them. Because citric acid is corrosive, it is very aggressive to the skin. To clean your faucet, mix 2 tablespoons of citric acid in half a liter of hot water. Next, dip a used toothbrush that you will rub on the limestone traces.

  • Lemon

For a more natural and non-harmful solution, lemon will be your ally! It is possible to get rid of limestone traces on a bathroom faucet with the juice of a lemon. Rub half a lemon directly onto the affected areas before drying the tap.

  • Of the anti-calcareous product

The strongest method, the most efficient, the fastest, an anti-limestone like this one allows to find its fitting like new, to make tests diluted nevertheless beforehand so as not to remove more than the limestone according to the concentration of the product!

Unblock a bathroom faucet

To debouch your bathroom faucet filter clogged with limestone, soak it a few hours in a container that is filled with white vinegar diluted with water. If this is not enough, wait a full night. The filter of your faucet will come out cleaned of all trace of limestone.