Preserve Surfaces

Maintain Clean Surfaces

Our homes are full of dozens of different surfaces, and to get each one sparkling clean (without damaging it), it’s best to learn the right way to clean each material. Preserve surfaces is also a thing to consider. Correct way to clean a granite countertop looks a lot different than the right way to wash painted walls, and getting clean, streak-free mirrors is another process entirely. So to get down to the bottom of the right way to clean all of these surfaces and more, we reached out to some cleaning pros for their best advice.

– Use trivets, cutting boards, and coasters to prevent scratches, rings, and burn marks.
– Attach rubber disks or felt to the bottoms of vases, candlesticks, and collectibles to protect furniture from scratches. Add felt glides to the bottom of small counter top appliances like coffeemakers and blenders.
– Seal stone surfaces and grout to guard against surfaces
– Install doorstops to prevent doors from denting walls.

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Maintain Clean Surfaces