Keep the Kitchen Cleanest!

Keep the Kitchen Cleanest!

High-traffic areas in your home like the entryway, family room, living room, and den get regular use. These are the places where household members play, relax, pass through, and drop off their stuff. Regular use means regular cleaning is required. But you have to keep the kitchen the cleanest.

In the kitchen, food is prepared and eaten, families gather and share details of their lives, and guests are informally entertained. It is the heart of the home and, like all hearts, it needs extra care to keep it healthy.

The kitchen is the most challenging room to keep clean. There’s every day clutter to contend with, as well as grease, crumbs, and spills. But it’s what you can’t see that really creates a challenge in the kitchen with bacteria. Your floors may be shiny and your cupboards organized, but a truly clean kitchen requires daily diligence against germs.

How to get rid of germs and keep the kitchen the cleanest…

You can get rid of 99 percent of germs with soap and hot water, but you need to disinfect surfaces to kill germs.

Maidsway Cleaning Services specializes in cleaning and normally uses soap and water to clean most surfaces outside of the restroom which might need some extra chemicals due to the calcium buildup. We will definitely show you how the keep the kitchen the cleanest!

To disinfect surfaces, wipe with a liquid chlorine bleach solution (1 tablespoon of bleach in 1 gallon of water), a disinfectant kitchen cleaner, or a non toxic mist of vinegar, followed by a mist of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Let the spray sit for a few minutes, wipe away and air dry.

Always order professional cleaning services like Maidsway Cleaning Services to do a monthly deep clean on your kitchen and other areas of your home. They will always use the proper cleaning chemicals and supplies to disinfect the kitchen and all your surfaces.

Keep the kitchen cleanest!