How To Clean A Fan

How To Clean A Fan

Let’s discuss a few ways to keep fans clean. To prevent dust from spreading throughout your home, it’s essential to maintain clean fan blades and screens. Dusting them once a month is generally sufficient, though you might need to do it more frequently if dust builds up more quickly. Before starting the cleaning process, ensure the fan is disconnected from its power source. Unplug portable fans and turn off the circuit for ceiling or house-wide fans to ensure safety.

Carefully remove the screens, then wipe each blade with a soft cloth dampened with warm soapy water (use a mild dish washing liquid). Make sure you do not get the cloth too wet, because you do not want to get water into the fan’s motor or gears. Use a soft bristled brush on the screen to clean crevices. Wait until all parts of the fan are dry before reassembling it and plugging it in.

3 Blade ceiling fan


Floor fans- Wipe the fan with a soft, damp cloth. Use a mild detergent if necessary. For all fan types- Clean your fan by using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove most lint and dirt. We also recommend using a can of compressed air to clean dirty or dusty interior blades.

The easiest way to clean dust off of internal fan blades is through the use of compressed air. Cans of compressed air can be purchased at most hardware and office supply stores.

Floor, table and window fans.

Dust regularly on both sides of the grille. Then use a vacuum-cleaner brush attachment or duster. Make sure the fan is unplugged and clean the blades and inner parts with a hair dryer or a can of compressed air. If the grilles can be removed then hose them down. You can also put them under the shower two or three times a year. ThenĀ  scrub with a brush to remove dirt. Clean blades and other plastic parts with a cloth. Use a cloth sprayed with or dipped in an all-purpose cleaner.

How to clean attic fans. Brush and vacuum the louvers and screening at least once a season for maximum airflow. Some fans are thermostatically controlled, so be sure that the fan is turned off. You don’t want to try to clean a fan that is turned on!