Caring For Brooms

Taking Care of Brooms

Avoid standing a broom or any kind of cleaning brush on its bristles, as this can make them bend and break. Storing a broom upside down is one solution; special clips for that purpose are available at hardware stores. Many brooms have a loop at the end of the handle, and hanging them right side up from a hook is just as effective.

Hanging your broom keeps the ends nice and straight, rather than storing it leaning on its fibres. If you have nowhere to hang it you could also just flip the broom upside down and lean it in a corner on its handle.

Storing the broom indoors is important to protect it from climate. This is most important in damp climates. Even covered porches/unheated sheds etc may be too damp to store natural fibre products. In dry climates it is less of a concern, but rainy seasons still happen and also direct sunlight over time could bleach and damage the fibres so we always recommend storing them indoors.

Taking Care of Brooms

To release dirt from a broom’s bristle, shake them out or run them along a stiff edge, such as a deck stair for an outdoor corn broom. Replace your broom once the bristles are splayed or have become shorter or show evidence of breakage.

These little ways of cleaning and caring for your brooms and brushes nake
then last and help nake your cleaning jobs easier and pleasanter.


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