10 Big Cleaning Mistakes You Are Making

Are you preparing to clean down your home? If so, it might be worth exploring some of the more common cleaning mistakes. These mistakes can be counter-productive and in some cases actually cause harm to the process! Let’s take a look.

Using The Same Rag

It can be tempting to just use the same rag or cloth for the entire clean. However, this is certainly a mistake. The problem with doing this is that muck and grime are going to linger on the rag. So by continuing to use it, you’re just going to be moving that dirt around the home. It will spread to any surface it touches. This could mean that germs that were confined to the bathroom ends up in the kitchen or living area.

Using A Feather Duster

Feather dusters simply aren’t as useful or indeed as beneficial as the adverts would have you believe. They don’t trap and lock in the dust. Instead, they spread it around and that’s another problem that you definitely want to avoid. Instead, you should make sure that you are using a microfiber cleaning cloth. You could also use a disposable towel to make sure that once you pick up the dust it is removed rather than sticking around.

Failing To Clean The Vacuum

Cleaning out the vacuum isn’t a pleasant job, so most people will attempt to avoid it for as long as they can. The problem with this is that when you don’t clean out the vacuum it does become a less valuable tool. It’s not going to pick up as much dirt and muck, instead, leaving it on the ground or worse, moving it around the room.

Avoiding The Sink

Another place people often avoid is the sink because it can be quite difficult to clean this area. However, it’s a place where bacteria and germs tend to build up quite rapidly. Indeed, it’s possible that the problem is made worse when there is standing water or even food residue left in the sink.

Spraying Onto The Surface

You might have seen countless commercials where people spray directly on a surface when cleaning. However, this is typically going to lead to a build-up of the solution. That’s an issue because it makes the surface greasy. It is the reason why you might be getting streaks on your windows. Instead, you want to spray on the cloth and wipe from there.

Cleaning From The Ground Up

Most people are aware that it’s important to clean top-down. If you clean from the ground up then when you clean higher areas, you’re just going to push dirt and particles onto the floor. This means that you’ll then need to reclean the floor so it’s not a particularly efficient method. It’s going to take a lot more time.

Not Cleaning Key Areas Enough

There are certain areas of your home that need to be cleaned more regularly and require a more thorough job than others. When you’re cleaning your oven, you might find it’s a lot of hard work. However, if you clean it more regularly, you’ll be able to get rid of a lot of the grime each time. So, you’ll be able to save yourself more issues if you clean it right the first time.

Failing To Read The Instructions

It’s tempting to think that you know best when it comes to cleaning your home with the necessary products. However, if you do take a look at the instructions you might find that you’re not using them the right way at all. It’s worth exploring the instructions as developers often pour a lot of research into finding the best ways to use their products.

Using More Than Needed

You might think that using more of your cleaning product is going to lead to greater results and the impact you want. This could be a brighter-looking floor or a beautiful clear oven door. However, the reality is that’s probably not going to be the case. In most cases, you need very little of a product and this saves you time because it’s less difficult to remove. You don’t have to worry about a lot of the product being left behind.

Tampering With Electronics

Last but not least, there are few cleaners that work on electronics. As such, instead of attempting to spray your TV with polish or something similar, use a microfiber cloth to get these clean. You’ll be able to avoid an expensive disaster.

Author’s Bio: Jacob Martinez is the owner & founder of SwiftClean, a Southern California home cleaning company. He’s passionate about all things local business & digital marketing. When he’s not in the office, you’ll find him out in the ocean surfing or fishing.