Vacuuming History

Vacuuming History

Investigating the History of Vacuuming. Before the invention of the vacuum cleaner in the mid-nineteenth century, there was no effective method for dust collection. Although sweeping could gather a portion of dust, it would also disperse it into the air. The initial vacuum cleaners operated manually, functioning in a manner similar to a reversed bellows, sucking in dust.

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Electric vacuum cleaners were introduced early in the twentieth century and have been continually improved upon; today, the really good ones can draw in up to 99 percent of the dust and dirt in an area – a boon to neatness as well as healthy living. They have also become expensive appliances with multiple attachments and features, so it’s well worth doing some research before you buy, and making sure you understand how to use and care for a vacuum properly when you get one home.


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The inception of vacuum cleaners was interestingly brought about by the Industrial Revolution. During the mid-1800’s, factories were producing manufactured items in the tens of thousands. As with any mass production, there was a ton of dirt and pollution that was generated everywhere.

Around the same time, scientist Louis Pasteur made notable discoveries which led him to the conjecture that infectious diseases were caused by ‘germs’. The ‘germ theory’ (as it infamously became known) provoked a reaction towards industrial pollution and caused people for the first time to focus on cleanliness and hygiene.

The History of the Vac

The history and growth of vacuum cleaners over various years has truly been astounding. From its humble creation, it has now become an important household staple. Aiding millions and millions of households to greatly improve their sanitation and health. Its unparallel status as the eliminator of germs and reducer of pollutants is uncontested.

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