3 Mistakes to Avoid in Cleaning Wool Rug

Cleaning a wool rug can be a tricky business because you do not want to spoil it. Happy news: it’s not that complicated. To refresh or eliminate stains, there are errors not to be committed. Here’s a short overview of good and bad practices.

To preserve the brightness of your carpet in wool, it is of course necessary to wash and detach it. But there are some mistakes to avoid.

1. Wash the carpet with water and soak

To clean a carpet in wool avoiding the halos, the ideal solution is to clean the carpet entirely, emphasizing the stains. But beware, the technique of washing with water can cause the colors of the carpet to dribble and attack the fibers. For safe deep cleaning, use a single-brush extraction injection device. If you clean a shaggy carpet on the rigid backing, do not wet it, for example, it will cause dark circles.

2. Uisng any carpet cleaner, without testing it first

Avoid using chemicals to clean a wool rug and never use bleach. Prefer natural products: Marseille soap, black soap, white vinegar, baking soda, ammonia, washing up liquid, 90 ° alcohol diluted with water. Carefully read the instructions and tips for use of carpet cleaners and do not use a product without prior testing. Before thoroughly cleaning a carpet of wool, test it on a little visible part of the carpet to make sure there are no undesirable effects on the colors and the hair.

3. Carelessly using Vacuum

The vacuum cleaner makes it possible to dust off a carpet and to remove some surface dirt. But be careful,: no frills, no hard brush that could pull wires, and no brush at all to clean a shaggy carpet because it would break the fibers. Always run the vacuum cleaner in the velvet direction at a maximum output of 800 Watt. And if you clean your wool carpet for the first time, remove the excess material (filling) by hand, not by vacuuming.