Things To Do In Austin

Things to do in Austin Texas


Austin continuously tops lists when it comes to cities that everyone wants to visit or live in. It is very easy to understand why: it has live music every night, swimming spots, drink scene, tempting food, and lots of green space.


We did some work for you and get a guide for you to have fun in Austin that consist of everything from super secret cocktail dens to free movies. Our post will make it easy for you to take advantage of everything offered by this gem of Texas city.


Let’s explore the things to do in Austin.


  1. Relax at Mount Bonnell: Mount Bonnell, a scenic spot is a magnet for basic people and is one of the most popular tourist spots because of its proximity to the city center. It provides a great view of 360 bridges and downtown Austin. A perfect place to take photos of Austin’s skyline. Address: 3800 Mt. Bonnell Drive, Austin, Texas.


  1. Watch live music:- Austin known as “The Live Music Capital” has a lot of music venues. Question is where should you start? Well, here are some Cliff’s Notes: make a trip to South Congress’ for a taste of classic tunes that range from rockabilly to soul, The Continental Club and C-Boy’s Heart & Soul. For garage, psych, and punk bands visit Hotel Vegas.


  1. Take A Selfie In Front Of Murals in Austin: Your trip to Austin really happen if there aren’t pictures? See cool new mural of Austin. Gather your friends and family to pose in front of Austin’s most iconic murals — jumping, human pyramid, the sky’s the limit! Turn the memories into your family Christmas card!


  1. Spend one night on Dirty Sixth Street: Every world-famous street has its own unique character and ground for visiting. Dirty Sixth has a rightful reputation. Well! Here is the list of few street’s essential bars -Midnight Cowboy, Easy Tiger, and Casino El Camino. So, visit these places and avoid the worst of visiting any random bar.



  1. Try out Austin’s best restaurant: Tourist easily fall into a never-ending Torchy’s cycle, but there’s a whole other world of cuisine delight waiting at restaurants throughout the city. Sample a few of them you might just end up making Austin street food a part of your meal rotation. For Best Brunches do try Hillside Farmacy an antique-chic eatery on the city’s east side. And Don’t mind to Wait in line for hours for Franklin BBQ; it’s actually worth.


  1. Hire an Austin Maid Service and watch your favorite movie at Alamo Drafthouse: Do yourself a favor get the movie ticket of the best movie theater in the world according to big fans like Quentin Tarantino, and Elijah Wood. The Alamo serves food and beer during the film.



  1. Get yourself a chance to sing your favorite song at Karaoke Underground: Always dreamt of karaoking your favorite Sleater-Kinney song but never got the chance? Here you can let your the singer out.


  1. Visit Desert Door Distillery first of its kind:- Driftwood’s Desert Door Distillery the only distillery in the US to produce sotol ( made from the desert spoon plant native to West Texas, a cousin to mezcal and tequila). Do visit the distillery for tours, tastes, and cocktails and take home a bottle of aged Desert Door Sotol.