Minimize Dust

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Dust originates from various sources, including dead skin cells, bedding, furniture, and our clothing. Additionally, dust can be created by surfaces or materials made of fibers. This Minimize Dust blog post will teach you how to prevent it.

Minimize Dust

Half Is Produced Inside, Half Comes From Outside

A study conducted by the Environmental Science & Technology Journal found 60 percent of indoor dust is produced outside, much of which comes from airborne particles that are contained in soil, plants, and animals.

Have You Heard Of The Dust Bowl?

Arid parts of the country are particularly prone to dust. The most famous example is the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, where a combination of drought and agricultural practices caused farms in the Midwest to dry out. As the winds progressed, they picked up dry soil created black blizzards, otherwise known as dust storms. While normal conditions are far from these extremes, clearly nature is the biggest creator of dust particles.


– Install door sweeps on the bottoms of doors that lead outside. These strips, which have either a vinyl flap or a polyester brush attached to them, are generally installed on the interior of the door. They block the gap between the door and threshold, keeping out dirt and pests.
– Apply weather stripping to drafty doors and windows. Not only do gaps let precious heating or cool air out, but they let drafts-along with plenty of dust-in.
– Use high-efficiency furnace filters and room filters. Install window screens to keep out large particles and flying insects.


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