How To Unstick A Window

How To Unstick A Window

Interested in learning how to repair a stuck window? The first action is to ensure there are no obstructions hindering its movement. Use a bristle brush to clear away any debris from the tracks or from areas where the glass makes contact. Sometimes, this simple step can help the window function smoothly again.

A window that sticks after a cleaning and lubrication was probably improperly painted. Either it has too little paint on it, which encourages moisture, absorption and swelling, or else it has too much. This creates a glue like bond between the sash and its channels. In the former case, wait for a spell of dry weather.This will allow the wood to shrink a bit, and paint it. For the latter problem, you’ll have to strip the old paint and apply new paint. This can involve disassembling the windows and stripping all pieces. In this case consult a contractor if you’re unsure how to tackle this repair.

Unstick a stuck window: Method 2


  • Slide the putty knife into the cracks and tap the handle gently with a hammer.
  • Work your way around the window sash, tapping gently as you go.
  • Place a block of wood on the window sill. …
  • Put a pry bar under one end of the sash and rock the bar backward, over the block of wood


Clean window in a house


Prying a window open

  1. Examine the window. …
  2. Loosen any paint that is sealing the window shut. …
  3. Insert a putty knife between the window and the frame. …
  4. Hammer the edge of the window to break the seal created by paint. …
  5. Push on the window with your hands. …
  6. Force the window up with a pry bar

How to unstick old wooden windows

Put on protective eye gear to protect your eyes from paint chips, wood and glass. If you accidentally break the glass, put on leather gloves before handling any broken pieces. Flip open any window locks.

Examine the inside of the window looking for items that block the window’s movement like driven nails or props used to force it shut. Remove any wedges that you may see. Pull out nails carefully using a hammer grip. Use caution and do not bang the glass.

Scrape the paint around the window using a utility knife to break the seal between the sash and the frame. Do this several times if the paint is thickly painted on. Try to open the window. If the seal is broken but the window will not move, use a putty knife and a hammer to wedge the window up from the bottom. Slide the edge of the putty knife under the bottom of the window and tap lightly on the handle. Move the putty knife around the bottom of the window and do this in several areas to create leverage.

Go outside the window and use a pry bar to lift it. Ease the window up, using the pry bar as a lever.

Turn the air-conditioning thermostat down to lower the air temperature. This allows the wood to shrink. Place a dehumidifier in the room to absorb humidity. After an hour, tap around the frame of the wooden with a hammer to loosen it. Lift the window with the putty knife and hammer.