Housekeeping Flate Rate or Hourly?

Housekeeping Flate Rate or Hourly?

Should you choose a flat rate or hourly fee for housecleaning services? That’s a tough decision to make. Are you finding it difficult to settle on a cleaning service for your home? We understand how taxing it can be considering there are a plethora of us available. One of the key factors to consider is the cost, correct? There are two general pricing methods used by cleaning businesses. They tend to charge either an hourly rate or a flat fee depending on the size of your home. You might assume that because your property is small, the $25 per hour rate seems cost-efficient! Surmising that they’ll only need a few hours and your condo will be sparkling clean for just 50 dollars. Regrettably, you’re mistaken!

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When you pay a cleaning company for an hourly rate service two things happen! Unfortunately when people are paid an hourly rate you get the hourly work ethic mindset. They always take much longer than initially indicated and will actually stop cleaning half way through the clock and charge you more to continue so you never really know how much you are paying! Most of the larger cleaning companies operate this way. The other issue is the people actually doing the hard labor of cleaning are actually only getting paid way less than half of the rate that you’re paying, roughly about $10 an hour!

A maid service that charges a flat rate for the cleaning is a much better choice and a more affordable service! There will be no hidden fees and the cleaning specialists are there to complete a job not milk the clock. The housekeeper also keeps more of the hard earned money which is only fair, I mean they are doing all the hard labor. And I have cleaned other peoples homes, trust me it is hard labor. Also when paying a flat rate the cleaning technician is there to finish a job when the job is actually done for what was originally promised. With a professional maid service like Maids Way Cleaning Services we always charge a flat rate!

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