Housekeeping: 9 Pro Tips to Clean the House

Housekeeping Pro Tips: Try the best way to dust blinds.

When tidying up, **shut your blinds** and swipe a used antistatic sheet over them. This trick forms an antistatic layer, **keeping dust** from piling up.

The Magic Eraser is your best friend for house cleaning.

It will allow you to halve the time you take during your household to clean bathtubs, sinks, countertops and dirty walls.

Cleaning windows and mirrors.

You can use coffee filters and not paper towels to clean the windows and mirrors of the house. Size alloys for the household, they do not leave streaks or fluff and they are easy to find besides being economical.

Vinegar and water to eliminate unpleasant odors

Spray the walls of your shower when you exit. The mixture will absorb all the odors from the bathroom and the smell of vinegar will be gone an hour later.

A damp pumice to clean a dirty oven

This stuff of household pros will change your life. Use a pumice stone to clean your oven at lightning speed.

To wash a floor, use only clear water

Do not use vinegar. The acid it contains will damage the polyurethane finishes, and will reduce the gloss and luster of your floor over time. This can also void your floor guarantee, if you have one.

To clean your microwave, use baking soda

Heat a cup of water mixed with baking soda until boiling. This eliminates odors and makes cleaning very easy, taking off all the dirt inside your microwave .

Clean the cobwebs with a measuring meter covered with a stocking

This stuff also works to clean the stove and refrigerator underside.

Shine the bathroom tiles with lemon oil

This also helps prevent mold and provides a fresh lemon odor in the bathroom.